History of the Heller Center

Heller LogoIn 2005 the Heller property underwent a Historical Structure Assessment of the remaining structures on the property, funded by a grant from the Colorado Historical Society's State Historical Fund. Now called the UCCS Heller Center for the Arts and Humanities, the property has been renovated and has become a significant part of the UCCS campus, hosting not only classes and art exhibitions, but housing  scholars-in-residence while they engage in on-campus projects. Larry Heller, an artist hailing from a wealthy family from the Main Line area west of Philadelphia, studied art at what is now Carnegie-Melon University, and later at Yale University Art School, and worked as an advertising illustrator in Paris in the 1930s. After branching out into ceramics and pottery, he had a New York agent. He also began designing sets and acting for the Alexander Film Company which made advertisements aired before movies in theaters.

In Colorado Springs, Heller was associated with the Broadmoor Art Academy and then the Bemis School of Art. Larry's artistic media were varied; he painted in oils and watercolor, made ceramics, metal sculptures, and was involved in local theater and TV advertising.