Welcome to the Heller Center

Our Vision

The Heller Center is vital to the arts, humanities, social sciences, and culture of the UCCS campus and the Pikes Peak region, providing creative space and collaborative programming for the community, students, and visiting artists and scholars.   

Our Mission

The Heller Center for Arts & Humanities at UCCS preserves, engages, and explores the West of the imagination.

What We Do

The Heller Center promotes creative and intellectual engagement for the arts, humanities, and social sciences.  We do this through fellowships, salon talks, exhibits, workshops, theatrical performances, and several other programs.  The property includes two Pueblo Revival Historic Structures, a small art gallery/studio, a 34-acre nature preserve, and an art and artifact collection.  The property once belonged to Larry and Dorothy Heller, a mid-twentieth century socialite couple in Colorado Springs.  Larry (1905-1983) was a prominent regional artist.  Dorothy (1905-1999) was one of the first women to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department.  

The center works to inspire interdisciplinary conversations across the UCCS campus, and to heighten the arts, humanities, and social sciences in Colorado Springs.  All of the Heller Center’s events are free and open to the public.