Spring 2024 Events



2024 Winter Salon Series  
Thursday, February 15 * 7pm 

Fernando Feliu-Moggi
Chair of the Department of Languages and Cultures
Professor of Spanish

The Chief and the Governor: Material Culture and Comanche/Spanish Diplomacy in Late 18thCentury New Mexico

Influenced by changing geopolitical dynamics in the region, the peace treaty accorded in Santa Fe by the Spanish and Eastern Comanche in 1786 culminated more than two decades of violent confrontation between the two groups. Objects from this period associated with both cultures illustrate how these transformations affected the way the two populations reimagined their social and political relationship.




Dr. Paul Josephson 2024 Fellowship Series 
Thursday, March 7 * 6pm

Dr. Paul Josephson
Colby College -Waterville, Maine

A Journey Through Nuclear Landscapes of the US West

This talk will explore the shaping of the Nuclear West by the Cold War and the impact of national security desiderata on the environment. 

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*Co-sponsored with Geography and Environmental Studies and the History Department



 Dr. Dorothea OlkowskiDistinguished Professor Lecture with Dr. Dorothea Olkowski
Thursday, March 14 * 7pm

Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Philosophy

What is Continental Philosophy? A Series of (Un)fortunate Events

Dorothea Olkowski is currently Director of Humanities and Director of the Cognitive Studies Minor.





Evan Taparata

2024 Spring Salon Series 
Thursday, April 4 * 7pm

Evan Taparata,
Assistant Professor, Dept. of History

“Refuge of Oppression:” Abolitionist Perspectives on the United States as a Place of Refuge

An exploration of what it meant for the 19th century United States to be a place of refuge in an era of legal slavery, drawing on the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.

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Andrea 2024 Spring Residency 
Friday, April 5 * 7pm

Andrea Herrera
Professor, Dept. of Women's & Ethnic Studies

the Heller Center will be presenting a staged reading of Andrea Herrera’s play

La Presencia de la Ausencia/ The Presence of Absence (a Cuban nocturne)

The Presence of Absence is a memory play that chronicles the lives of several generations of Cuban women. The action of the play is set in both pre- and post-revolutionary Cuba; and the plot pivots on Margarita, an exile residing in the United States, who attempts to come to terms with her divided identity, a traumatic past she has suppressed, and her fear of sharing her heritage with her daughter, Lily.

* Location of the play will be at the UCCS Ent Center for the Arts, Chapman Recital Hall.




sunHeller Grounds Event
Monday, April 8 * 9:30am

Come join us at the Heller Center and witness a partial Solar eclipse!

*Location at the Heller Center Studio









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