Fall 2023 Events


Outdoor movie night

Heller Center Outdoor Movie Night 
Thursday, August 24* 8pm 

Come join us for the Heller Center Outdoor Movie Night as we show the classic 1985 Back to the Future
Rated PG / 116 minutes
*Event is free and open to the public.


LuisaHeller Center Fall 2023 Fellowship
Thursday, September 21* 7pm

Maria Luisa Tucker
Journalist, Podcaster, and Artist

Sound, Story and Imagination: A Narrative Podcasting Workshop

Maria Luisa Tucker is an award-winning journalist and podcast producer. 

* This 2-hour workshop will teach the building blocks of a narrative podcast. Participants should come with at least a seed of an idea for a podcast they would like to make, and a laptop or notebook. By the end of the workshop, participants will have written a plan that includes a description of their podcast idea, a plan for researching and gathering several different kinds of audio, and a sound design concept. 

*Co-sponsored with the Department of English 



Refugees Then, Refugees Now 
Tuesday, October 3 * 5:30 - 7pm 

Join us to discuss the history of refugees and migration into the modern era, the philosophical and political implications of the ongoing refugee crisis, and the role of the United States and local communities in ensuring that everyone has a safe space to live, work, and play.

Emily Skop, Professor
Geography & Environmental Studies

                                       Jennifer Kling, Associate Professor

                                       Evan Taparata, Assistant Professor

*Each panelist will give prepared remarks, and then there will be cross-discussion and a lively Q&A with the audience. 

More information on the speakers please visit the following attachment 


HalloweenHeller Center Halloween Outdoor Movie Night 
Thursday, October 5 * 7pm

Come join us for our, "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" Outdoor Movie Night, as we show the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus.

Rated PG/ 96 minutes 
*Event is free and open to the public.


Helen DaviesHeller Center Salon Series 
Thursday, October 12 * 7pm

Helen Davies
Assistant Professor - Dept. of English

Ghost Cameras, invisible inks and forgotten texts: the next generation of multispectral imaging to recover lost documents 

For optional reading click here

Presented in collaboration with the Center for Research Frontiers in the Digital Humanities



Philip Deloria Heller Center Inaugural Indigenous Fellow  
Thursday October 19 * 7pm

Philip Deloria
Department of History, Harvard University 

Notes from the Charging Elk Sketchbook, 1940: A Dialogue on Art and Epistemology

Funded primarily by the UCCS Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 



pumpkinHeller Center Halloween Pumpkin Carving Night
Thursday, October 26 * 6-8pm

Stop by the Heller Center and carve your spookiest Halloween Jack-o-lantern.  You are encouraged to bring your own pumpkin. However, the Heller Center will have a limited supplies of pumpkins for those arriving early.


Erica LewisCreative Writing Residency Lecture
Thursday, November 9 * 7pm

erica lewis 
Poet & Fine Arts Publicist

More Information: visit

Funding for this program comes from the UCCS Faculty Revitalization Grant –
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


Heller Center Arts Exchange

Gallery Opening Night, Thursday, November 10 * 7pm

Featuring: Peter Marchand and Marc Shereck

An event that allows Professional and UCCS students artists to show their artistic work alongside one another.

Student will create work in response to and in collaboration with Peter and Marc’s photographic novella Historia Sin Fin. Funding for supplies available.

*More information on novella Historia Sin Fin, please visit the attachment.



Peter J Marchand Bio

I admit it. By most definitions of the term, I am an “outsider” artist¹. 

Having grown up in a family steeped in artistry and music, I chose science for my first career.  It was not a rebellious choice, for it was the aesthetics of nature that drew me to into science in the first place.  In the end, though, it was the creative process of science that hooked me.  Scientific research, as in art and music, challenged me to observe my surroundings with fresh eyes, to see my environment from ever-changing perspectives, to search continuously for creative new ways to answer old and persistent questions.  

The road from science back to art seems as natural as the subjects I work with. While the camera and pen have always been important in my studies for documentary purposes, my passion now is creating unique visual imagery to foster an aesthetic appreciation of our world.   

Outsider art. n. Art produced by people who are not part of the conventional art world or art establishment. Outsider artists are usually self-taught in their art skills and knowledge of art history, and work from an 'inner vision'. 


MarcMarc A Shereck Bio

Marc and his family have been traveling throughout the Southwest since he was a young boy. Those early family adventures left him with lasting impressions of unique people, incredible light quality, and an iconic landscape environment found only in this magical place. 

Today Marc continues to travel with his wife and dogs to this enchanted land to renew and explore the inner spirit found in the rich earth tone palette, high plain vegetative textures, and natural forms that today continue to guide his imagery.  

The art pieces presented in this retrospective will hopefully evoke a visual narrative of “place” and instill a feeling of personal inner peace. 





Upcoming 2023 events



Heller Visiting Creative Writer's Residency
Dates for the Residency are slated for November 5-12

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questions regarding the Visiting Creative Writer's Residency

The Inaugural Heller Visiting Creative Writer's Residency in Colorado Springs is open for application! Complete the application here.

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